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Style Your Bathroom with Specialty Shower Screens


At Warragul Screens & Glass we can build any shower screen in any shape size or style.


We recently started going Customised Semi Frameless sliding shower screens. This is a very popular option when you don't have the room for a swinging door but like the sophisticated look the semi frameless shower screen has to offer.


For Fixed Panel Shower Screens please also see Fully Frameless Shower Screens.

One of our recent innovations is the introduction of Customized semi-fameless sliding shower screens. This has become a popular choice, especially when space constraints make it impractical to have a swinging door. These sliding shower screens offer the sophisticated and sleek appearance of a semi-frameless design, providing both practicality and style.

Customized Solutions for Your Bathroom:

With our commitment to customization, we can design and build shower screens that are perfectly tailored to your bathroom's unique dimensions and aesthetics. Whether you have a spacious bathroom with intricate design elements or a compact space where functionality is key, our speciality shower screens can be designed to harmonize with your vision.

The semi-fameless sliding shower screens are an excellent example of an innovative meeting style. They are a favoured choice when you desire the elegance and modern look of semi-frameless design but need a space-saving and practical solution. This option not only adds sophistication to your bathroom but also maximizes the utility of your available space.

If you're looking for Fixed Panel Shower Screens, we recommend exploring our Fully Frameless Shower Screens. These screens offer the ultimate simplicity and elegance for those who appreciate the minimalist and fully frameless design.

Enhance your bathroom with our speciality shower screens, designed to meet your specific needs and aesthetic preferences. Whether you choose the space-saving elegance of semi-framed sliding screens or the simplicity of Fully Frameless design, you'll elevate your bathroom's appeal and functionality.

To learn more about our speciality shower screen offerings and to discuss your customization requirements, please reach out to us. Your satisfaction and the transformation of your bathroom into a unique space are our top priorities. Contact us today to embark on this exciting journey of bathroom enhancement.

For more information on our semi-frameless shower screen offerings and to choose the perfect fit for your bathroom, visit our Showroom. If you prefer a more hands-on experience, visit our showroom at 3/168 Queen St, Warragul, where you can see our products up close. To kick-start your home improvement journey, reach out to us at 5623 5325 for a free measure and quote. Our friendly and experienced staff is here to assist you every step of the way.

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