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DIY Price List

Do It Your Self - PRICE LIST 2017
(Prices are subject to change without notice)
** Please note if you can't find what you are after on this list please call us as we maybe able to get it in for you **

Fibre Glass Mesh $4.50 Per Metre
Micro Mesh $7.50 Per Metre
Pet Mesh $12.50 Per Metre
Aluminium Mesh $16 per Metre
Tuff Mesh $22 Per Metre
Stainless Steel Mesh $300 per 810 X 2050 sheet
Any Thickness spline .30c Per Metre
Foam or Rubber Available
Spline Roller
Make remeshing your fly screens and doors easy with a spline roller
Fly Screen Clips etc.
We have a variety of fly screen clips and fittings
From .15c each
Phantom Spray
Silicone based spray ensures your retractable screens glide for a lifetime.
This product is also fantastic on sliding door wheels.
Mesh off cuts
Various Sizes
$2 per piece
Swinging Door Handle
Available in a variety of brands to suit your Security Door
From $40 each
Shower Screen Spray Guards
Available in a variety of profiles in both 6mm and 10mm Glass sizes
From $15 Each
Sliding Door Closer
Never worry about telling the kids to close the sliding door again!!
From $200
Fly Screens
Install your own fly screens, but let us build it for you.
From $40 Per Fly Screen
Bio Clean
Perfect for cleaning your Shower Screen to get the water corosion off your Shower Screen.
DIY Kit - Coats your shower screen glass and cuts down cleaning by 90%
Shower Screen Handles
Various Shapes and Sizes available
From $20 each
Glass Cleaner
Leaves absolutely no streaks foams up and really cleans your glass
Glazier Putty
Industrial Glazing Putty (what all the galziers use)
$5.50 per tub
Shower Shelves
Available in all shapes and sizes, with or with out soap dishes etc.
From $25 each
Sliding Door Handle
Available in a variety of brands to suit your Security Door
From $40 each
Lockable Cylinder  - Comes with 2 Keys
$15 each
Security Door Hinges
Security Door Hinges available in a variety of colours.
$3.50 each
Glass Cut to size
Yes, We cut glass and mirrors to any size.
Just let us know what sort of glass you are after.
Prices Vary
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