Fly Screens


Warragul Screens & Glass measure, manufacture and fit all of our Fly Screens,

so you can be guaranteed they will suit and fit your windows.

You can select the colour to match your exisiting windows, you can also select the type of mesh you may like, whether it is something a little stronger for your pets or an Amplimesh Window Grille for ultimate security.

Mesh options

FIBREGLASS MESH - This Mesh comes standard on all Fly Screens, it is a durable good quality fly mesh that can with stand most elements.

MICRO MESH - Is the perfect type of mesh if you have alot of little bugs.

You can put Micro Mesh on all your doors and Windows to make sure that you are really protected.

ALUMINIUM MESH - Aluminium Mesh is perfect if your property has a BAL rating on it as it is compliant with most of the new Fire laws.