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Retractable Screens


Phantom Retractable Screens


Phantom Screens fit virtually anywhere, require minimal space,

and enhance the beauty and comfort of any home.


They provide all the practical conveniences of conventional

screens without compromising the integrity of a home's design.

Phantom Screens are an innovative solution for discerning

homeowners, designers, architects, and builders who wish to

realise their best creative insights.


Can be used on:

  • Double-French doors

  • In-Swing or Out-Swing doors

  • Sliding doors

  • Single doors

  • Bi-Fold doors

  • Stacker doors

  • Oversized doorways



Serene Window Screens

Specifically designed for windows, the Serene Screen is a pull

down retractable screen with built-in catches inside the bottom

of the tracks, eliminating the need for a magnetic profile or

magnets to hold the slide bar down when in use.












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