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Crystal Surface Protection


Crystal Surface Protection is the opportunity for you to have you Shower Screens sealed by a professional with the NanoKote Glass Protection System.


A Nanokote Anti-Stick Glass Protective Coating will:

  • Protect against Soap Scum and Mineral Deposits

  • Protects against Mould and Mildew

  • Protect and Keep your Bathroom looking fantastic

No More Harsh & Expensive Chemicals, Low Maintenance, Easy to Clean

Up to 10 Year Warranty Protects Tiles and the Grout. Soap Scum will easily be removed from the surface.


Over time, hot water, soaps and minerals build up and absorb into the glass causing that 'fogging' appearance and makes cleaning increasingly harder.


A Nanokote Glass Protective Coating System protects your shower recess by repelling water and stopping soap scum from sticking & absorbing into the surface.


The water will bead and soap scum will easily wipe free from the surface.

Your Bathroom is worth protecting using a Crystal Surface Protection Treatment.


We can apply this to new Shower Screens for an additional $140 per Shower Screen this also includes a Tile grout application that repels all of the mineral deposits from incasing in the grout also.


We also offer a service which we can restore your shower screen glass to its former glory, we then apply the Nanokoting to the shower screen to avoid this from happening again.


Also Available in DIY Kits (see Pet Doors and DIY).

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